Industry Focus

Business Private Eye Management Consulting engages in market research and competitive intelligence for clients over a wide range of market and industry fields including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), service industries, industrial manufacturing and B2B, to help them understand actual conditions of local consumers, companies and industries.

Beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic)
Household and commercial products
Consumer electronics and gadgets  
Electrical Appliances
Food ingredients and products manufacturing
Packaging (food, etc)
Paper products and Printing services
Soaps (fragrant bar or liquid)/ Shampoo 
Tobacco (cigarettes, tobacco)

Service Industries/ B2B
Automobile and car service
Banking and Financial Institutions
Clothing apparel and shoes  
Food service and catering
Media usage 
Hotel and restaurant
Restaurant (fast food, fine dining, bars)
Retailing (supermarket, department store, 
                  store outlets)
Tourism and travel industry

Asia Pacific: Philippines, China PR of, Rep of Korea (South Korea), Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, 
    Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan
Others: Russian Federation, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, BrazilBRIC 

Market Research Experience

We are not constrained to one or two market research techniques. Instead, we construct a research program applicable to a client’s particular research requirements. Essentially, we employ a combination of different market research methods.

Competitive Intelligence (Market Entry Strategy, Distribution/ Supply Chain Research, Competitor Monitoring Study)
Company Profile Analysis (Partner Research and Assessment)
Trade analysis/ Store Audits 
Market/ Industry Sketch
* Custom Research (Current Market/ Industry Research reports
* Market Research: Quantitative and Qualitative 
Eye Tracking/ Neuromarketing
CATI based telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and in-depth interviews
Central Location Testing, Ethnography, Observational Research (New product testing [in field or 
Consumer Tracking (information and data collection in connection with consumer behavior) 
                    Usage and Attitude Studies
Focus Group Discussions, 
In-depth Interviews, Nationwide Surveys
Mystery shopping (mystery customer, video/ camera method)
Regular brand, product and advertising tracking programs
Ethnocentric research and comparative market studies (Overseas Filipino Market OFWs)
Consumer Tracking (information collection in connection with consumer behavior)
Brand positioning research
Corporation and Brand reputation research
Copy Testing/ pre-testing

Cutting Edge Market Research Technology

Using customised and syndicated market research from specialist and mass market audiences, we help our clients hear the voice of the customer in their decision-making process. Using high-level methodologies, our team of analysts conduct customized, objective, and discreet research to help multinational and domestic companies understand how to seize advantage of the fastest growing economy in the world with actionable initiatives. Our clients come from various industries and we work with Fortune 500 and leading Asian  companies.

In recent years, China, India and other Asian countries have achieved remarkable economic growth, expanding their purchasing powers and market opportunities. Against such a background,  new market entries and business expansion in these markets by foreign companies have been rapidly progressing. Gathering of realistic local information on local market conditions  and voices of local customers holds the key to success of entry into an overseas market. By leveraging our research network in China and the rest of Asia, we offer market research services to provide data and information such as the local market, companies, industry, and consumers.

Business Private Eye Asia provides clients with the strategic market intelligence they need to make critical decisions in China and Asia. 

Commissioning a research
Step 1: Comprehending your project objectives.
Before submitting a proposal we will listen attentively to understand your needs, thoroughly comprehend your end objectives, and clarify terms of reference for the study. 

Step 2: Preparing a proposal.
We will deliver you a no obligation proposal confirming your objectives, project end results and describing specifically the project deliverables, research methodology, cost breakdwons and proposed schedule. 

Step 3: Beginning the study.
As soon as the proposal and terms of reference are agreed upon, it is submitted to a project head, who will be in charge of communicating with the client during the project and scheduling all studies including any fieldwork. 

Step 4: We will continue to support our clients even after end delivery results to ensure that the quality of research results and recommendations to attain client objectives. 

If you have a customized research project you would like to discuss with us, please email us at or contact us.

Business Private Eye is one of the leading marketing research firms in Asia that provides statistical study services and consumer opinion solutions such as competitive Intelligence (business intelligence), mystery shopping (mystery customer), observational research, ethnography and business consulting in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Korea). Businesses require market intelligence and business research to understand the market segments, industry profile and consumers they will be serving. Fortnue 500 companies include DHL, 3M, Toyota, Microsoft, Unilever. Some of the top research agencies include The Nielsen Company, TNS, SynovateGFK

Somos uno de las compañías primeras de estudio de mercado en Asia
歡迎. 我們是一個最大的市場研究公司 亞洲
Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an Business Private Eye. Wir sind einer die besten Marktforschungsfirmen in Asien
우리는 최고의 시장조사 업체들은 아시아
私たちはアジアのトップの市場調査会社の1つです。 中国アジア市場調査
Who we are

Business Private Eye is a market research/ consultancy/ agency in Thailand that leads a range of research information and advice services, such as competitive intelligence, market entry strategy, competitor tracking, partner research, market segmentation and positioning, and neuromarketing (brand/ communication research) to companies facing critical, urgent decisions such as reaction to fierce competition or entry/ expansion in Asia.

Our network spans over 30 countries in Asia: ฟิลิปปินส์, จีน, ญี่ปุ่น, เกาหลี, ไทย, เวียดนาม, สิงคโปร์, ไต้หวัน, อินเดียบราซิล ฯลฯ

Our areas of specialization include competitive intelligence,  ethnography, observational research, mystery shopping. (marketing research insight services, market opportunity assessment, industry entry strategy) 

We are passionate about providing the needed insight and guidance into new markets and territories, clarify industry key success factors and anticipate/ identify new opportunities or impending threats in the marketplace to aid the advancement and profitability of the world's businesses.  

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I.T. and Electronics/ อิเล็กทรอนิกส์
Computer Hardware, Software, Components, Semiconductors, IT Services 

Flavors and fragrances (perfumes and soap ingredients)

Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Medical Services

Energy and Materials
Energy & Mining, Materials, Metallurgy & Chemicals 

Public Sector
Transportation, Environmental Protection, Media & Publishing, Education & Training, Agriculture, Logistics
Ethnocentric research: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)

Competitive Inteligence and Market Research in Thailand 

Information is the currency of today's world. The organized collection and processing of information leads to world progress and nurtures societies. Our mission is to contribute to world development with our information. 

Employing an intercultural local network of industry experts and consultants in Thailand, we provide market research and business intelligence necessary to engage in critical decision making, allowing institutions, companies and people to gain the knowledge to compete in a fast transforming globally connected world.