Some of the unique services we provide: 

1. Competitive Intelligence/ Business Intelligence
These are in-depth strategic research and analysis studies worked out to address the specific questions you provide. We supply insightful, top-quality strategic research studies within one to six weeks, depending upon the topics and depth of work requested. Provide us with the business issues and questions you need addressed. Work with our staff to develop an outline that meets your needs

Our analysts gather data from a broad range of research sources, conduct primary research, synthesize results, and provide insights that specifically address your questions. In addition, we provide you with a presentation-based (PowerPoint or equivalent) strategic research study and supporting files (such as spreadsheets, databases and graphics, etc.) that you can incorporate into your own research.

2. Branding issues for global companies in Asia
3.  Corporate reputation and issues management research
4. Mystery Shopping 
Business Private Eye likewise specializes in conducting Mystery Shopping- using individuals trained to measure a customer service process by acting as potential customers, then reporting their experiences in detail.
We have a database of shoppers who are representative of a broad demographic range. Our shoppers are trained to provide inconspicuous observation of the full shopping experience, from initial customer reception, to engaging your employees’ assistance regarding product differentiation, to quality of product and to final purchase. We then organize and analyze the data for you using statistical methods, so that you get results that are relevant and significant. View Mystery Shopping Sample

       5. Observational Research/ Ethnographic Study 
Emerging market consumers look at products and services in ways that sometimes bear little resemblance to the habits of consumers in the developed world. Lower levels of articulation and literacy in some parts of some developing countries may mean that we derive the factors driving consumer behaviours using techniques other than direct questioning. A form of market research gaining popularity is the ethnographic research. Consumers unconsciously or consciously lie when they talk about life, brands, and their lives. Ethnographic research is conducted in the natural environments of the consumer (e.g., homes or stores) where consumers use brands, products, and services.  This type of market research is most appropriate when market researchers want in-depth information about consumers (e.g., life styles or shopping behavior) that cannot be adequately explored using traditional survey research techniques. 
Ethnography is an effective approach to obtaining deeper insights on: consumer segments, complex consumer environments, factors affecting product/ service usage. It takes research to the people, allowing them to describe their world in their own terms and observing them in the home, the office, the car or the supermarket. Such studies may involve personal diaries, mystery shopping or the consumer being filmed, with the output discussed by the interviewee, the researcher and the client. 

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Competitive Intelligence: Industry Landscape Analysis
Market Entry Study, Value Chain Analysis, etc.

Observational Research/ Nationwide Surveys/ Ethnography
Mystery Shopping

We offer full service quantitative and qualitative research capabilities
      *   Industry and Market Intelligence - understand the market forces, opportunities and threats that shape the industry
      *   Marketing Research 
CATI based telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and in-depth interviews
Central Location Testing, Ethnography, Observational Research (New product testing [in field   
                                or laboratory])
Usage and Attitude Studies
Focus Group Discussions, In-depth Interviews, Nationwide Surveys, Copy Testing 
Mystery shopping (mystery customer, video/ camera method)
Regular brand, product and advertising tracking programs
Ethnocentric research and comparative market studies (Overseas Filipino Market OFWs)
Consumer Tracking (information and data collection in connection with consumer behavior)                   
               Brand positioning research
Corporation and Brand reputation research
     *   Market Entry Study (China and other Asian countries)
     * Competitive Intelligence (Market Entry Strategy, Distribution Channel/ Supply Chain Research, Competitor Monitoring Study)
 Company Profile Analysis (Partner Research and Assessment)
 Trade analysis/ Store Audits 
 Market/ Industry Sketch
     *   Choice Modelling and Segmentation Analyses
In-depth Interviews/FGDs, etc. 
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