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Overseas Filipinos Workers

The OFW market is generally a large market where consumer product, remittance and financial institutions have an opportunity to expand its service offering and increase revenues. Filipinos represent the 3rd biggest migrant worker population in the world. The number of OFWs worldwide is estimated to be around 11 million in 2006 and remittances totaling $12.7 million, accounting for more than thirteen percent of the GNP. If consumer spending and investments in real estate and new businesses, the contribution of the overseas Filipino is included, the percentage to the total GNP may amount to 30%.

Destinations             OFW Deployment                  
                                2005      2006   % change 
1.Saudi Arabia    194,350223,45915%
2. UAE                   82,039  99,21220.9%
3. Hong Kong         98,693  96,929 -1.8%
4. Kuwait               40,306  47,91718.9%
5. Qatar                 31,421  45,79545.7%
6. Taiwan              46,737  39,025      -16.5%
7. Singapore         28,152 28,369          0.8%
8. Italy                     21,267 25,41319.5%
9. United Kingdom16,930 16,926   0%
10. Korea                 9,97513,984 40.2%
11.Other destinations    170,762     151,041       -11.5%
TOTAL (land based)     740,632     788,070           6.4%

Of the many market segments in the Philippines, the overseas Filipino workers (OFW) segment appears to have a magnetic appeal, attracting companies from different types of industries from banking to real estate to cars. There is no denying the fact that the OFW market is rapidly growing. Demand for jobs overseas has been increasing, currently with more employment opportunities for professionals. Given this, the salary range of OFWs has likewise broadened compared with a few years back. However, targeting the OFW segment has its challenges. As with targeting any market segment, one has to carefully understand the target — where they come from, where they are, their salary range, and many other details to draw a good profile of the market. The added challenge to this usual market profiling, however, is the characteristics unique to overseas Filipinos which companies have to consider. Overseas Filipinos are exposed to different market practices in the countries they are located, thus approaches would also have to be tailored fit to these differences.

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