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Self reported data from a survey may be opposite to the reality of the situation. 

Eye-Tracking/ Eye Camera

Using an Eye-Camera, Eye-Tracking is a technique that allows us to observe and record the path a customer takes through a store as well as the movements of her eyes. 
Eye-Tracking is used in any and all areas of market research that require detailed observation of customer behavior. These include: Shopping behavior in a retail store, product packaging, advertisements, posters, and POP displays. 

What is Eye-tracking
Eye-tracking is a technique used to determine where a person is looking. The concepts underlying eye-tracking are deceptively simple: track the movements of the user's eyes and note what the pupils are doing while the user is looking at a particular feature. Since our inception in 2005 we have undertaken hundreds of eyetracking studies and gained an enviable reputation for delivering meaningful results. 

Half the brain is devoted to processing visuals. Thus, understanding and making recommendations on advertising is lacking if there is no appreciation of visual properties. The data generated from live shopper studies is being used to shape strategies in product design and packaging, product placement and POS.  This allows marketers to maximize their brand’s visual equity - the increased consideration and incremental sales triggered by in-store visual attention. 

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