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Marketing Research, Competitive Intelligence

Started in 2005 to supply investigative consulting services to an elite  group of top company leaders worldwide desiring to obtain competitive inside information and  exploit hidden opportunities in new markets. Over the years, grown to provide the advantage to a select group of leaders and companies, providing competitive landscape data and initiating innovative ways to delve, elicit and elucidate data.

Business Private Eye's management team and partners are composed of a network of undercover industry experts, insiders and specialists. Interdisciplinary team of business detectives, researchers, industry experts and government insiders enables to go beyond the traditional measures to capture intuitive reactions. Blend of experience, expertise, and devotion to high significance solutions provides clients with the decisive information they need to drive concrete and profitable business results.

Business Private Eye has instituted a coordinated intelligence network around the Asia Pacific region and other emerging markets.  At the backbone of this organization is an investigative intelligence center located in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, Singapore and Bangkok, which is composed of multi-lingual, specialist researchers, industry experts, investigators and insider project consultants.  Business Private Eye's services enable and augment market intelligence, competitive analysis, and investment analysis capabilities. 

Capable of providing competitive intelligence and various business consulting needs in Asia, wide network spans over 30 countries in Asia. The research center is strengthened by local support units in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India, supplying available access to knowledge from north, east, south and west Asia.  The team is strengthened by a solid interconnection of field industry sleuths, government insiders, eavesdroppers and undercover information gatherers based locally in each main Asian market (China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, etc).

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