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Business Private Eye Management Consulting engages in market research, detective surveillance, and competitive intelligence for clients over a wide range of market and industry fields including fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), service industries, industrial manufacturing and B2B, to help them understand actual conditions of local consumers, companies and industries.

Consumer goods
Beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic)
Household and commercial products
Consumer electronics and gadgets  
Electrical Appliances
Food ingredients and products manufacturing
Packaging (food, etc)
Paper products and Printing services
Soaps (fragrant bar or liquid)/ Shampoo 
Tobacco (cigarettes, tobacco)

Medical Devices,
Medical Services

Asia Pacific: Philippines, China PR of, Rep of Korea (South Korea), Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, 
    Hong Kong SAR, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc
Middle East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan
Others: Russian Federation, South Africa, Germany, Turkey, BrazilBRIC 

Market Investigation Experience, cutting edge technology

Not constrained to one or two market research techniques. A research program applicable to customized research requirements is employed. Essentially, a combination of different market research interviewing methods may be used to elicit information.

Competitive Intelligence (Market Entry Strategy, Distribution/ Supply Chain Research, Competitor Monitoring Study)
Company Profile Analysis (Partner Research and Assessment)
Trade analysis/ Store Audits 
Market/ Industry Sketch

In recent years, China, India and other Asian countries have achieved remarkable economic growth, expanding their purchasing powers and market opportunities. Against such a background,  new market entries and business expansion in these markets by foreign companies have been rapidly progressing. Gathering of realistic local information on local market conditions and voices of local customers holds the key to success of entry into an overseas market. By leveraging research network in China and the rest of Asia, market research services to provide data and information such as the local market, companies, industry, and consumers is provided. Emerging market consumers look at products and services in ways that sometimes bear little resemblance to the habits of consumers in the developed world. Lower levels of articulation and literacy in some parts of some developing countries may mean that we derive the factors driving consumer behaviours using techniques and direct questioning. 

Business Private Eye Asia provides clients with the strategic market intelligence needed to make critical decisions in Asia and emerging markets. 
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Working with local experienced corporate insiders and leveraging our reliable industry insight and proprietary tools and research (including end-user surveys and tracker studies), our consulting and custom research team can help you with your needs to:
- Identify and assess emerging opportunities
- Evaluate, select and enter new markets
- Understand customers' and channels' requirements
- Understand the competitive situation and responding to its dynamics in the region, and locally
- Planning and executing marketing strategies- business planning, market strategy implementation and market management 
- Specific industry methodologies:
Identification of evaluation criteria, decision-making methodologies and information source 

Research is tailored to the client's specific requirements. Focus groups, surveys, field tests, interviews, and observation are examples. Primary research delivers more specific results than desk research, which is an especially important consideration when launching a new product or service. Also, primary research often  uses methodologies that provide more accurate information.  市場研究公司是專業從事市場研究、市場調查、營銷研究、滿意度調查的專業公司,根據全球市場研究者協會的定義,市場研究公司接受委托方(企業、組織)的需求為實現決策所需要的信息目的而進行專業性的研究活動,包括將相應問題所需的信息具體化、設計信息收集的方法、管理並實施數據收集過程、分析研究結果、得出結論並確定其含義等。 提供全面的產業相關知識,涵蓋一般民生消費品、科技通訊、金融、汽車、健康醫療以及社會議題調查等六大產業,研究方向遍及所有行銷活動或企業營運所面臨的議題,尤其專精於「產品開發與創新研究」、「品牌與溝通策略研究」、「企業關係人管理研究」、「零售與消費者研究」,具備執行各式量化與質化調查專案的能力,並且擁有一系列獨特的專案分析模組、強大的執行能力和全球知識網絡作為後援。

Goal is to provide objective, accurate, and in-depth consumer information to assist our clients in forming profitable decisions. Drawing on our deep and current understanding of the Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Philippine, Indonesian, Vietnam and other emerging markets, we assist your business strategies and implementation.We view our clients’ success as our own success. We employ our best resources and provide superior services. We have over 10 years of experience with over 5,000 market research studies involving ethnographic studies, focus groups, qualitative and quantitative analyses. We specialize in chemical, industrial, auto, medical, electronics, computer, consumer good industries and markets. Leading research firms in Asia that provide statistical study services and consumer opinion solutions in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia). Businesses require market intelligence and business research to understand the market segments, industry profile and consumers they will be serving. Fortnue 500 companies include DHL, 3M, Toyota, Microsoft, Unilever. Some of the top research agencies include The Nielsen Company, TNS, SynovateGFK

 Marktforschungsfirmen in Asien
우리는 최고의 시장조사 업체들은 아시아, 
中国조사 업체들은 아시아

Intelligence consultancy, market research agency that leads a range of research information and advice services, such as competitive intelligence, market entry strategy, insider info, competitor tracking, partner research, market segmentation and positioning to a society  of select companies facing critical, urgent decisions such as reaction to fierce competition or entry/ expansion in Asia.

Network spans over 50 countries worldwide: China, Japan, KoreaThailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, BrazilAfrica, etc.

Specialist competitive intelligence​ in emerging markets.

Deliver the needed insight and guidance into new markets and territories, clarify industry key success factors and anticipate untapped opportunities or impending threats in the industry.  

To ensure research accuracy and quality, insider sources from multiple organizations and accessories are interviewed. This allows correlation and cross-referencing of information.

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Service Industries/ B2B
Automobile and car service
Banking and Financial Institutions
Clothing apparel and shoes  
Food service and catering
Media usage 
Hotel and restaurant
Restaurant (fast food, fine dining, bars)
Retailing (supermarket, department store, 
                  store outlets)
Tourism and travel industry

I.T. and Electronics
Computer Hardware, Software, Components, Semiconductors, IT Services 

Your eyes and ears: Disruptive Technology Innovation Research Competitive Intelligence
Information is the currency of today's world. Failure to collect, analyze and act upon industry information in an organized fashion can lead to the failure of the firm itself. Consequently, a firm which does not rigorously monitor and analyze the market is poorly-equipped to deploy effective competitive strategy.

Partnering with a clique of local network industry insiders and undercover expert consultants, industry research and intelligence necessary to engage in critical decision making is elicited for a circle of select clients. 

Our mission is to exemplify and promote the highest level of scientific integrity, public accountability, and social responsibility in the conduct of market research.
Flavors and fragrances 
(perfumes and soap ingredients)

Energy and Materials
Energy & Mining, Materials, Metallurgy & Chemicals 

Public Sector
Transportation, Environmental Protection, Media & Publishing, Education & Training, Agriculture, Logistics
Ethnocentric research: Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)